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Sheridan, Arkansas Auto Detailing

Too Clean Detailing offers a variety of detailing packages to best fit your needs and budget. Regardless of the package you choose, we only use the highest quality products available and expert detailing experience, ensuring your ride will sparkle like new when you pick it up from us! Don’t forget, regular customers can receive up to a 10% discount on detailing packages. Explore our services below.

Disclaimer: All Prices are subject to change without notice. The prices shown are starting prices depending on the vehicle size, condition will also affect the price of the service.

By Appointment Only

Detailing & Ceramic Coating

All packages have been preloaded with standard services needed per-package level. Prices are based on time spent. For example, a $180 service is expected to consume around 3-4hr of labor amongst 1 or 2 technicians. If we cannot complete the job in the standard labor time, or if it takes noticeably more effort, this could result in an extra charge. For vehicles that are not satisfactory after the standard service time is up have the option to pay $60hr until the desired result is achieved, similar to an Obsessive Detailing Option.

For Customers interested in perfection or the most drastic changes, consider our Obsessive Detailing Option. This option allows you to select a service or area of focus for us to put as much time and effort needed to get the greatest result possible. These services are priced by time exceeding what is included in the selected package.

All Packages are priced off estimations of time with standard soiled vehicles. Additional fees may occur to reflect greater than normal time, or service needed to complete the job. These Fees can be from Tar, Dog Hair, Excess Trash, Being Neglected, Smokers Vehicle, Overly Dirty Interior or Exterior, Etc. Truck Bed cleaning is not included in packages, find this in the add-on services. Only light amounts of tar will be removed in the packages, this may still result in an additional charge. Larger amounts will only be included in deluxe packages and will result in an additional charge. Upon any great changes in price(usually exceeding $25) the customer will be notified prior to services being performed.

Interior & Exterior

  • Express - $65.00 - $100.00
Add Wax. This is our maintenance detail, typically used between Full Details to maintain a tidy interior and a sleek, bug-free exterior. This is a Light Interior Service with a Hand Wash and Spray Sealant.

  • Full Detail- $130 - $200
Add machine applied wax $45 - $60. This is by far our most popular detail package. If life has happened and the new look has left, this one's for you! This is a thorough cleaning on the inside with a Hand Wash, Dry, and Paint Sealant on the outside. Our Full Detail Package is a great service if you don't need any paint correction on the exterior.

Adding a Machine Applied Wax is a very popular add-on to this service. If you also need light scratches or oxidation removed, please see our Deluxe Detail Package. This service includes Full Carpet Shampooing, and Spot Upholstery/Headliner Shampooing, if you are in need of Full Upholstery or Headliner Shampooing please select this as an add-on.

  • Deluxe Detail (1-STAGE) - $220 - 320
More details coming soon!

  • Deluxe Detail (2-STAGE) - $290 - $400
This package includes our interior detail as well 2 step paint correction with Ceramics on glass. This package apart from the Deluxe Package 1-Step, includes a standalone polish and wax process for deeper and more abrasive scratches than the one-step. Select Compounding is a very popular Add-on for this package to remove the deepest of scratches and wear. Please speak with our staff to decide if full compounding is a good option for your vehicle. This is a highly recommended package.

  • Elite Detail (3-STAGE) - $350 - $450
Our Elite Detail is a true 3-Step Paint Correction with a Full Interior Detail. It includes our Moderate Compound and High Speed Polish followed by our Machine Applied Paint Sealant. This is a great package to revive an old or abused clear coat, removing far deeper scratches than our 2-Step. For our heaviest machine correction see our Select/Full Heavy Compounding or Wet-Sanding Add-On services to create a 4-Stage or Multi-Stage Correction Package. This is most recommended for rough paint finishes or for the most obsessed customers, please consult us if adding a 4th-Step or Wet-Sanding is right for you.

Interior Services Only

  • Express Interior $30-75
  • Full Interior $80-150
  • Obsessive Interior Cleaning *Call for estimates (Pricing by time and services needed)

Exterior Services Only

  • Wash Only - $30-50
  • Wash & Wax - $80-120
  • Deluxe (1-Stage) $170-240
  • Deluxe (2-Stage) $225-300
  • Deluxe (3-stage) $270-360
  • MULTI-STAGE Paint Correction $360-450

SolarFX - Window Tint

Window Tinting Services with SolarFX Window Film. All tint work comes with a limited lifetime warranty and documentation on its warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Full tint jobs do not include an eyebrow.

  • Full Vehicle Excluding Eyebrow: $200-250
  • 2 Front Windows: $90-110
  • Eyebrow: $25-35
  • Full Windshield: $140-160
  • Full Tint Removal: $140-220

  • Clean car exterior and interior after detailing

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